Acid etching is a process that uses acid. Acid etched glass is produced by acid etching one side of float glass. Etched glass is created by cutting a design stencil that is made of an abrasive resistant material, such as vinyl or rubber. The resulting stencil is called a resist.

The resist is then secured onto the glass to be etched. A blaster gun, powered by an air compressor, is used to bombard the glass with the abrasive. Every part of the glass that is not covered by the resist will take the frosted effect while the parts protected by the resist will remain clear, thus producing a piece of etched glass.


Frosted glass is a glass which roughens or obscures the clear surface of the glass. Frosted glass can enhance the beauty of windows, glass doors, or glass cabinets. This technique adds warmth and style to any décor.


Interior, partitions, Shelves, Shower, bath enclosures, doors, windows, Glass walls and Kitchens.